Venue app

Promote your venue
and improve your customers' events

Create apps for your customers

Complete your offer by delivering a high-quality event app

Your teams use our platform
to create white label mobile apps
for the events you host.

• Lists & detailed profiles of exhibitors, speakers, workshops, etc.
• Agenda or scientific program
• Interactive map, Favorites & Notes
• Instant messaging
• Interactivity (Q & A, Surveys, Surveys)
• Social Wall, Selfies

Application mobile créée par un lieu d'événements pour son client / Mobile application created by an event venue for his client

Promote your venue

Energize the communication of your convention center, exhibition center or destination with a venue app

Application destination pour promouvoir son lieu, son offre et ses événements / Destination app to promote its location, offer and events

• View your next hosted / organised events

• Present your venue and your offers

• Enhance your territory and its assets

• List your partner hotels and restaurants

• Enable your communication (social media, photos, videos)

If you create mobile apps
for your customers’ events,
they will be accessible
from your venue app.