Trade shows

Offer your exhibitors exclusive services
and a better experience for your visitors

Activate a mobile exhibitor portal

Your exhibitors optimise their lead management and logistics organisation

Your exhibitors benefit from an exhibitor portal
in the app: they have permanent access to exclusive
services included in our solution for trade shows:
COLLECT by goomeo

• Badge reader:
>> Qualification of visitors and export of generated leads
• Chat support:
>> Live instant messaging with the organizer
• Directory of providers:
>> Order of last minute services
• FAQ:
>> Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Salons professionnels : application mobile du salon IFTM Top Resa / Trade shows: IFTM Top resa mobile event app

Ensure your visitors an effective experience

All services to prepare their visit, find their way and meet

Salons professionnels : networking et plan interactif dans une application mobile pour salon / Trade shows: interactive map and networking in a show app

Present your exhibitors, products, conferences, speakers …

• Activate individual visit reports (bookmarks, note taking …)

• Submit a 3D Interactive Map

• Facilitate networking: instant messaging, making appointments …

Notify your participants according to their profile

Our mobile app helps visitors to your trade shows
find the content and contacts that
will meet their visit objectives.
Create a better experience!