How to reinvent our events?

Reinvent our events!” That was the theme of this year’s edition of SYT – See You There, which was held this year at the Bordeaux Congress Centre.

The profession of event organizer’s frequently questions itself about our job and that’s good!

Corporate social responsibility (CSR), eco-responsibility of events, creation of experiences, return on emotion (ROE)… All these notions prove how events seek to reinvent themselves to stay ahead of the curve as media, an interface between human beings, whether in a professional or public setting.

For my part, I have the growing impression that the (small) size of an event counts enormously in its success. At Goomeo, we have the dual experience of participating in events as a public (visitor) and as an exhibitor. And for some time, our best experiences in this area have often taken place in the context of small events, on a human scale.

Conférence tenue sur une scène à 360° lors du congrès SYT - See You There 2019 au Palais des Congrès de Bordeaux

Create microcosms and promote serendipity

And that was confirmed again last week with SYT Congress 2019. We are in a hyper-targeted event where the meetings are anyway relevant, where they can last longer, where we share a lot of unpublished information and where – from a business point of view – supply and demand come together in friendliness and efficiency.

So I’m not saying that the great gatherings are over, far from it. But the size of an event no longer guarantees its success. Larger trade shows or congresses must ensure that they create smaller microcosms, whether in meeting spaces reserved for certain profiles, or thematic discussion spaces. It can also be done inside relaxing areas or by proposing certain activities that will promote serendipity, a chance encounter where one would not expect it.

Because even if we are now talking a lot about matchmaking and AI that would deliver the right contact, it is by multiplying human meeting opportunities still and always that events will make the difference.

Have you ever told anyone that you met a future business partner thanks to an algorithm? Probably not. You met him in a living room because he was introduced to you by a common contact, because he was sitting next to you in conference or because you shared the same shuttle from the station or the airport.

By Florian Courgenouil, Marketing & Sales Director