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We’ve now integrated 7 social media platforms so that your event can be even more social!
So now you can add your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Vimeo, and Youtube feeds, as well as your RSS feed.
Thanks to the “share” button, your users will easily be able to share your content on their favourite social networks.

Grâce au bouton “partager” vos utilisateurs pourront facilement diffuser votre contenu sur leurs réseaux sociaux préférés.


Navigation is made easier thanks to the addition of filters, which allow you to display one or more types of media.
« Pull to refresh » allows users to manually refresh the stream of posts to always see the latest content.

Text shown when image is not displayed


The emphasis is on the visuals. The new module is more focused on graphics. Your images and photographs are featured. The origin of posts is easily identifiable thanks to the icon representing the source social network.

Text shown when image is not displayed