Because meeting people is what defines events, we have created a networking feature, your event’s social network.

Networking - réseau social - message

Your attendees will never miss another chance to meet and your event will never miss another chance to bring people together.

With Goomeo networking, putting your attendees in touch with each other becomes simple, interactive and effective. You now have your own social network and can choose which profiles can be seen and contacted.


Make introductions easier

1/ Your attendees (exhibitors, visitors, conference delegates, speakers, etc.) log in to your event’s mobile app

2/ They update their profile (photo, job title, company, public/private profile, etc.)

3/ In networking, they search for the contacts that interest them

4/ They invite them to get in touch and can send them private messages


And why not suggest good contacts directly?

Soon, Goomeo will offer you its Matchmaking service. What’s that? Quite simply, the option to automatically suggest good contact opportunities to your attendees according to match criteria you define.

Networking is a powerful meet-up solution for your event. Your attendees use social networks everywhere to find new contacts. Why not with you?