You know about our mobile apps but did you know that Goomeo is also revolutionising leads retrieval?

Digital leads retrieval is now available direct from your event’s mobile app

With its in-app badge scanner, Goomeo does away with the hoops exhibitors currently have to jump through to retrieve the contacts they generate at your trade show or conference: hiring the device, the deposit cheque, handing in the scanner at the end of each day, waiting for files after the show, etc. NO MORE!


Make your exhibitors’ lives easier

1/ Exhibitors open your trade show’s official app on their smartphone

2/ They log in to access the “leads retrieval” service

3/ They scan the badges of the visitors they meet, and can do so offline

4/ They qualify their leads instantly, and find out their ROI without delay.


Generate income and analyse your event’s networking performance

Purchase “lead” licences for your exhibitors and sell them this solution that is essential to their business. You will have access to a dashboard that will show you all interactions from the lead retrieval system.

You can also choose to activate the “leads retrieval” service for all participants at your event, trade show, conference, seminar or festival.