How to improve lead generation for the exhibitors at your show?

Since 2014, MAISON & OBJET has chosen Goomeo’ s solution to offer mobile services to visitors and exhibitors. The mobile application makes it possible to present a huge amount of content by making available the information and products of nearly 3,000 exhibitors.

The M&O app includes :

  • 3,000 exhibitor profiles sorted by hall / country / product,
  • As many exhibitors located on the interactive map (with route calculation),
  • More than 6,000 products listed,
  • An extensive programme of sessions
  • Thousands of pictures and illustrations…

We are very proud to accompany the team in this great project that goes beyond the content application. This long-term and trustworthy collaboration allows us to evolve our value proposition with the goals of the show team.

Lead generation - App lecteur de badge / badge reader - MAISON&OBJET

Visual from the user guide created by the MAISON & OBJET show teams for their exhibitors.

A long-term strategy

Since September 2017, the mobile application also aims to facilitate lead generation for exhibitors via a dedicated portal in the app giving access to a lead retrieval solution.

badge reader / lead generation solution in the event app

This step was not made in a day, nor even one single edition.

The high number of potential users required to set up a test phase with a part of the exhibiting population. This allowed to adjust the service, in collaboration with the M&O teams, in terms of:

  • IT: server sizing, calibration of data flows with the registration provider…
  • User experience: App updates management, minimizing waiting time between two badge scans…
  • Communication: education provided to exhibitors to improve the adoption and use of the badge reader in the mobile app (e-mailings, on-site support, video tutorial, reminders on site to the customers who have not activated their scanner…)
  • Sales: Once the service was all set up and stabilised, creation of packaged offers in the exhibitor registration

The digitalisation of the exhibitor badge reader at the MAISON & OBJET show has made it possible to multiply the adoption by 15: more than 3,000 badge readers were activated in the mobile application and used by exhibitors during the September edition!

Data collection for the benefit of exhibitors and organizers

This is a record for a trade show. And it is just the beginning!

With our new solution COLLECT by Goomeo, you can now go even further: your visitors will also be able to generate contacts and evaluate their meetings with exhibitors while you, organizers, collect behavioral data, refine customer insights and generate additional revenue.

Goomeo is thus part of a data generation process but not only: our goal is to offer services powered by these new data.

Next step: custom exhibitor reports!