Interactive floor plans improve your attendees’ experience, as they no longer get lost and optimise the time they spend at your event

Whether you use it as a mobile or web version, or on a touchscreen kiosk, you won’t find the same quality of interactive floor plan for your event anywhere else.


The floor plan for mobile

The interactive floor plan for mobile is provided in 3D. It models your trade show, conference or corporate event, so that it can be navigated with ease.

Your attendees can pinpoint their location, easily find the stand or talk of their choice, and plot a route between two points of interest.


Online floor plan

In order to adapt to the different ways your visitors may use it, and for it to be used from a computer, the interactive floor plan is also available as a desktop version.

It has the same features as the mobile floor plan, except the 3D.


Touchscreen kiosk

Participants who have not downloaded your event’s mobile app can still use your interactive floor plan thanks to the touchscreen kiosks which you can provide at your event.

So that you can enjoy the best prices, we have formed a partnership with a kiosk supplier.


Indoor geolocation? It’s possible.

It is now possible to enable your attendees to use a GPS inside your events as easily as they do outdoors.
You can then send them messages based on their position and benefit from advanced statistics and flow analyses.


Interactive floor plans and geolocation are an undeniable step towards your goal of better supporting your attendees. Don’t delay!