It is important to think carefully about publishing your application to optimise its changes of being found easily. Each store offers millions of applications and it is therefore essential to make it easy for visitors to search.

A few good ideas:

  • – Application name: It must repeat the name of your brand or event and not be dated. .
  • Application content : Before submitting the application, check that it includes useful information such as timetable items, exhibitors, useful information, etc. User feedback is very important and must not be taken lightly. Bad feedback because the application is virtually empty can have a dramatic impact on your image.
  • Description : The words used in your app’s description will be indexed by the store search engine. It is important to describe your event and the reason for your app. Why is it an essential tool? Explain the functions and their uses in detail.
  • Keywords:Put yourself in users’ shoes, what keywords will they put into the search bar to find your event. Be careful with accents and capital letters. Some stores take case and accents into account (Example 1: keyword: “congrès” – if the user writes “congres”, the word will not appear; Example 2: keyword: “Horse” – if the user writes “horse”, the word will not appear).
  • Categories : The categories chosen must be the most appropriate. Choose a category your users will naturally use to look for you. If you can’t choose between two, opt for the one with fewer apps.