Connect your participants
around an in-person or hybrid event.

Web and mobile event apps for in-person and hybrid events

Our mobile and web application platform
is made for all event formats

EXPLORE by Goomeo

►Take advantage of a powerful native white-label mobile application
►Present all content of your event and facilitate the participants' journey
  • Search engine: Exhibitors, Speakers, Sponsors…
  • Agenda: Conference sessions, workshops…
  • Bookmarks, annotations and visit reports
  • 3D interactif Map: Location of exhibitors/sessions/POI + routes
  • Media files: Pictures, Videos, PDF…
  • Useful information: Dates, Access, Accomodation, Contacts…
  • Selfies: customisable filters

Profile management:
segment content, services and push notifications
based on the user logged into the app.

EXPLORE by Goomeo - applications mobiles événements physiques et événements hybrides

LIVE by Goomeo

►Engage your audience on site or remotely
►Use the convenience of your website together with app personalisation
  • Live streaming & Replay
    Broadcast of the conferences directly via our webcast platform integrated into the official website of the event
  • Second screen experience
    Interactivity from the mobile app, face-to-face or remote:

    • Wall: Q&A, Discussions, Sending questions …
    • Word clouds: Quiz, Contests, Knowledge assessments …
    • Questionnaires: MCQ, Voting, Poll, Survey

MEET by Goomeo

►Facilitating networking between attendees
►Allow meetings beyond the borders of your event
  • Participants organize their meetings from the dedicated platform:
    • Hybrid mode: Accessible from a computer and the event app
    • Matchmaking: Making an appointment with suggested contacts
    • Remote appointments: video appointments from your computer
  • Other services can also be activated in the event app:
    • Badge reader: Scan, Qualification and Export of contacts
    • Networking: Instant messaging between participants
    • Timeline: Sharing statuses and photos on an activity wall

COLLECT by Goomeo (for exhibitions)

  • Behavioral data to drive your event
    You view participants’ opinions on the quality of their journey, generate attendance reports for your exhibitors and use our heatmap to study the activity of visitor flows on the stands.

►Collect behavioural data to improve your event
►Generate significant new revenue
  • Leads for your exhibitors AND visitors
    Offer the badge reader to your exhibitors in a mobile exhibitor portal (also included: on-site support via chat with the organizer, set-up/ disassembly planning, FAQ …)
    The visitor’s journey is automatically generated in the app each time hihs badge get scanned by an exhibitor.

Boost your turnover: We offer you a specific business model that will allow your trade fair or congress to generate an important new source of income.

Connect your physical or hybrid event

and boost the satisfaction of your participants