Last November, Event Tech Live organised a conference session about the future of event technology.
Goomeo was part of the panel chaired by exhibition marketing veteran Saul Leese.

“Utopia, for organisers, will come in the shape of no more problems with integration,” said Florian Courgenouil, Marketing Director at Goomeo.
Indeed, one of the greatest challenges for all players in event technology is the capacity to integrate different solutions alltogether in order to provide their attendees with a seamless experience from online to on-site.

Website, mobile app, registration, networking, matchmaking, lead generation, meeting manager, interactivity, Q&A, gamification, geolocation-based services… High value services are numerous as far as event technology is concerned. This is a great opportunity to enhance the value of events but it can also be tricky for the organisers.
A lot of these services did not exist a few years ago. They have showed up more or less in the same period of time and event organisers simply added them one by one to their offer to their participants.

This is where integration issues appear.

But as an organiser, there are two ways for you to make integration easier for your projects:

    1. Reduce the number of event tech suppliers
      Let’s be clear: there is no way one single supplier can provide you with all technology for your event. If one says so, be careful. No company can be an expert in everything.
      But some are really good to cover several services. For example, Goomeo will help you build effective solutions related to networking, meeting management and lead generation together with one of the best mobile event app in the market.
      You will probably have to contract as well with a registration provider to complete the sevices your event tech will offer.
    2. Review your event’s global technology landscape
      Ask yourself the following question: what is the value of each of the services I offer to my attendees? Let’s focus on event websites. Registering for your badge is all you need it for at the moment. On the other hand, pretty much everyone on the show floor has a smartphone from which you app can push information and offer tailored services to each individual all year long. So why would you spend time and money trying to maintain a website in your event tech offer? Just display a webpage with registration and useful insformation. And simplify integration by avoiding it! “It will be cool when the web is dead,” Florian Courgenouil concluded.