Networking - réseau social événement

Goomeo offers networking and engaging solutions through native mobile apps to all organisers of trade shows, exhibitions, congresses and corporate events.

Our very intuitive platform enable event professionals to manage the mobile services they need for the participants of their events.

These services adapt to the user’s profile (exhibitors, delegates, VIP, journalists, speakers…) to guarantee a unique and personalised experience:

  • Content management: lists and profiles (exhibitors, attendees, speakers, products, sponsors…), programme, abstracts & posters management, media
  • Personalisation: bookmark management and note taking (my visit), schedule, interactive floor plan, onsite kiosks
  • Engagement: Q&A, surveys, branded selfies, gamification, social media, QR code reader
  • Contact management: networking (search, connect and message), in-app lead retrieval, meeting manager

Gathering people at your event will never be enough. Engagement from your attendees is the key to success because it enables interactions and connections. Find out more with our interactivity solutions (Q&A, polls, branded selfies) and personalisation tools (note taking, my schedule, interactive floor plan).

Networking is the highest value your event can provide. It is our job to bring you the solutions that will make it easier for your attendees to get in touch: networking tool, meeting planner and lead retrieval. Your participants won’t miss any opportunity to connect anymore!

It is not only about services you offer to your attendees, it is also the opportunity for you to get a better knowledge of your attendees. What are the interactions during my event? Who do my attendees meet? What are they looking for? Who are the most active users?… You know have answers and figures to increase their satisfaction.

As an organiser, you need financial ROI. Remember that you can always at least recover the cost of your mobile app or even create a profit. We have multiple solutions at your disposal (from visibility opportunities to lead generation) to help you reach your objective!

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