One intuitive online platform
to generate unique event apps.


Native mobile apps

Our native mobile event apps offer you powerful features made for iOS & Android.

White-label solution

Your apps are branded to you and are highly customisable (visual identity, background, menu, icons...)

Offline mode

Our mobile event apps work offline! Only interactivity, networking and meeting features will require a connection.


11 languages are available in the platform and our apps adapt to the language of the user's smartphone

Multi-event app

Manage easily all your events year-round under one single branded app.

Data security

Goomeo is GDPR compliant and our data management meet the enterprise-level requirements.

Organiser interface

Online management platform

Take control of your event app thanks to our incredibly intuitive online platform.

Self-service feature

Select the features you want for your event app and configure them instantly.

Content management

What you see is what you get: upload data and refresh your app in real time.

Live statistics

Monitor audience traffic and engagement to understand your attendees' behaviour and measure ROI.

Targeted push notifications

Send targeted push notifications to your attendees based on their profile. You can even schedule all your messages.

Sponsoring opportunities

Turn your mobile app into a source of revenue thanks to our numerous sponsoring and advertising opportunities.


Multi-profile management

Create groups of users and enable them to access the services and content that match their profile and needs.

Exhibitor services

Your exhibitors will have access to specific services: exhibitor guide, lead retrieval and event services directory.

Web services

Integrate in your website special services for your attendees: networking, meeting platform and interactive floor plan.

Bookmarks & notes

Bookmark content and take notes by writing them down, recording your voice, taking pictures or underlining text.

My briefcase

All your bookmarks and notes are saved in your briefcase. Send yourself an event report including them all!


Interactive floor plan

Booth / conference / POI localisation, 3D/2D viewing, colourisation of sectors... The best interactive floor plans ever!


Your visitors save time and energy by easily finding their way to a booth or a conference room

Theme routes

App users can follow predefined theme routes or the ones they create for themselves!


User account management

Your attendees can log in to their profile to unlock the access to specific features like networking, meeting management or lead retrieval.


This is the social network of your event where you can find the contacts of your interest and send them private messages.

Meeting management

This is the solution to take appointments at your event. Search for contacts, invite them and add the accepted meetings to your agenda.

In-app lead retrieval

Scan the badges of the people you meet to save their details and qualify them on the fly. Export them whenever you want.


Activity feed

Say 'Bonjour' to your community and share your activity in the app for better interactions at the event.


Enable audience participation during your conference sessions with live Q&A, polling and surveys.

Templated selfies

Your attendees take fun selfies that they can share on social media. You can even broadcast them live at your event.


Engage your attendees with contests, people's choice awards or treasure hunts.

Social media

Aggregate all your event's social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube...) in one single feed available in the app.