Une appli avec une liste exposants comprenant des logos et des éléments en privilège

Increased visibility for your exhibitors

All studies prove that elements containing images are viewed most often. By adding their logo to their record, exhibitors significantly increase the number of visits they receive. What is more, the exhibitor logo will also be added to their stand on the event’s interactive plan!

In the same way, being at the top of the list and, therefore, being among the first results visible, is an undeniable benefit in promotional terms, and here again, the exhibitor can gain additional visibility interactively by being displayed in a different colour.

Increased visibility for your partners

Place your partners at the heart of your application by giving them the opportunity to present their company in the partner list. Invite them to complete their profile for users to see their logo, learn about their business, visit their website and easily find a contact.

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Une appli avec une liste de partenaires