Goomeo launches contactless services for post-COVID-19 events

CONTACTLESS services for events

When the COVID-19 health crisis erupted, events were the first sector to shut down. They will also probably be the last to resume, gradually and with restrictive health challenges. Goomeo, which imposed its mobile avent apps during the 2010 decade, today announces a new range of CONTACTLESS services making it possible to reconcile the physical meeting between participants of an event with the imperatives of social distancing.

Digitising touch points to secure your events

When events resume, health obligations will be stronger and will change the way meetings happen.

Goomeo has thus strengthened its CONTACTLESS service offer to reduce physical contact and respect the rules of social distancing while allowing a smoother meeting experience:

  • For event organizers, the main challenge of the post-COVID-19 period that is opening up is flow management. Queuing should be reduced and physical contact limited. This is why Goomeo is launching the digital badge, accessible in the event app and compatible with Apple Wallet and Google Pay. By reducing – or even eliminating – the printing of badges, the digital badge makes it possible to create a “Fast Pass” entry and to avoid manipulation (data input, hand-to-hand delivery, etc.) while guaranteeing budgetary savings and less ecological impact.
  • Goomeo then offers the opportunity of dematerialising exhibitor services by setting up a mobile exhibitor portal. This will notably include a badge reader (replacing the physical exchange of business cards) as well as assistance by instant messaging to request an intervention by the organizer on the stand if necessary.
  • For all visitors, Goomeo offers My Wishlist, a service that will allow them to scan an exhibitor’s sign in order to automatically associate in a visit report all the photos taken on their stand.
    Visitors will also be able to count on My Journey: when a visitor’s badge is scanned by an exhibitor, the exhibiting company details will be added to the visitor’s journey in the app.
  • Finally, to improve the overall meeting experience, Goomeo is launching a matchmaking service which will automatically suggest contacts based on affinities linked to the participants’ interests.

Developing a hybrid offer to expand your audience

After health crisis, event will not be the same anymore and participants will travel less systematically. Thus, Goomeo will now offer event organisers to reach participants who will no longer travel by developing a hybrid offer.

“The future of events is not virtual, unlike what we have heard a lot while our industry was at a standstill. But organisers have now realised that their role as animators of ecosystems should not be limited to the physical area. Their events create content and connections whose reach goes far beyond a venue and opening times. It is this opportunity that Goomeo offers them to exploit with a hybrid offer completely connected to the needs of their communities. ”

Franck AuzanneauCEO of Goomeo

To enhance this offer, Goomeo offers a number of services which improve your event website, such as an interactive web plan linked to complete exhibitor sheets, a meeting platform with video-conference and chat service, or streaming and live links for conferences and other audiovisual content of the show.

About Goomeo

Created in 2010, Goomeo is a platform for creating mobile applications and web services aimed at generating on-site and on-line synergies from events (trade fairs, congresses and corporate events). Goomeo’s products focus on improving meeting experience and participants’ journey and providing organisers with behavioural data that will improve their events.

Goomeo create applications and services for 200 events a year worldwide: trade fairs (ITMA, Maison & Objet, Event Tech Live…), medical congresses (ESICM…) and corporate events (Danone, Societe Generale, Vinci…).

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