Corporate events

Manage your groups of participants
and engage them

Adjust the content of the mobile app to your groups of participants

Present to your participants the services and information that concern them

With profile management in the mobile app,
you have a fine management of your participants.
Your corporate events communicate
content adapted to each one of them.

• User Accounts:
>> Secure access, modification of user information and preference settings
• Profile management:
>> Creation of groups according to criteria defined by the organiser
• Adapted contents:
>> Group workshops, practical information according to the city of origin…
• Personalised communication:
>> Sending push notifications segmented by profile

Evénements corporate : application mobile / Corporate event app

Get the commitment of your participants

Ensure the participation of your employees or customers

Evénement corporate - Appli mobile / Corporate event app

• Boost workshop facilitation with Q&A and polls

• View everyone’s shares with the social wall

• Promote discussions between profiles

• Create proximity thanks to selfie filters

Entertain the participants with gamification

The app allows your participants to express themselves
and to be actors of your events.
You create a dynamic and friendly image
of your corporate events.