B2B shows: enable qualitative networking for your attendees

As an trade show organiser, boosting networking between exhibitors and visitors is a daily issue you need to address.

Your mobile event app will help you in this process with advanced networking services: lead retrieval, instant messaging and meeting platform.

Must have

  • Lead retrieval
  • Instant messaging

Should have

  • Meeting scheduling

If you organise consumer shows,
find out more with the presentation of our global solution.

Networking : the must have services for your trade show

Lead retrieval

» Qualified leads for your exhibitors

Your exhibitors will scan the badges of attendees they meet at their booth to save their contact details and make it easier to follow up post show.


1/ Unlimited number of licenses per exhibiting company
2/ Offline mode (no network needed)
3/ Customisation of qualifier fields
4/ Lead export anytime

Reminder: Goomeo delivers a heatmap showing business activity at your show.

» Generating extra revenue for the event organiser

Sell this service to your exhibitors and generate extra revenue for your trade show.

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Instant messaging

» Boost networking for your attendees

Make it easier to network at your trade show thank to our instant messaging feature.


1/ Access the participants list
2/ Use the multi-criteria search to find the relevant contact
3/ Send contact requests
4/ Send instant messages to create meetings

» Matchmaking: automatic suggestion of relevant contacts to your attendees

Go further in networking activation by offering your participants a list of relevant contacts they could meet depending on their profile details.

B2B meetings: agendas of meetings for your attendees

Meeting scheduling

» Enable meeting scheduling for your attendees

Make meetings come one after the other for your exhibitors and visitors to enhance the business dimension of your trade show.


1/ Access the participants list
2/ Use the multi-criteria search to find the relevant contact

3/ Send meeting request (including meeting place, day & time as well as a personalised note)
4/ Get your meeting scheduled in your own event agenda

» Dedicate our meeting scheduling feature to your hosted buyers

Thanks to our profile management system, you can dedicate the mmeting scheduling feature only to a specific category of participants. For example, make it available for your exhibitors and hosted buyers visitors.

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